Escape Game Brighton: Laboratory of a Madman

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Game Brighton (website)

21 Regency Square, BN1 2HE


60 minutes


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There wasn't anything I remember disliking with this room, but not a whole lot that stood out either. The dΓ©cor is on-theme, though with some elements familiar from other rooms. The task Lewis mentions for discovering one clue in particular was original and fun; in other respects, the room was entirely fine, just a little unremarkable.
A short and simple game which would have been entirely unmemorable were it not for a couple of higher tech puzzles. Not enough to redeem it but enough to make me feel it wasn't entirely without merit.
β€œThe first two puzzles are the ones people generally have to ask for clues on” the host told us on the way out. Which perhaps suggests to me those puzzles are in the wrong place. This was a first for me – Brighton is, frankly, miles away and wouldn’t normally be on our radar, but one of our team was researching there for a week and I was working in London on one of those days, so we met up, had some fish and chips and decided to take on Escape Game Brighton as a pair. We’d not done a game with just two before, so it was bound to be a different experience.

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