Escape3600: Operation Mindfall

By | September 29, 2019

by Escape3600 (website)

Magnet Leisure Centre, Holmanleaze, SL6 8AW


60 minutes

under construction
Are you ready to take on our latest outdoor escape game?
This pulse raising outdoor adventure combines the best elements of our escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt.
Using a range of whizzy technology and gadgets, this outdoor immersive experience lets you indulge that James Bond fantasy.
Your team of undercover agents have received classified information about Spider Tech, who in Two hours will activate a deadly virus and take control of the human mind.
The research facility where the virus was created has been tracked to somewhere within Maidenhead.
Will you and your team be able to find the clues that are hidden throughout the town and stop the activation of the virus?
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