White Rabbit Escape: Stranger Room Online

By | August 22, 2020

by White Rabbit Escape (website)

34 Praça da República, 4050-495

Up to 3 players

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The grandson of a great scientist managed to start the time machine that his grandfather built during the last years of his life. He ventured to the nostalgic 80s and was stuck there, as the machine exploded during the trip. He has been rebuilding it for days but he lacks a very important piece to be able to connect it again and return to the present! He is trying to create a connection from his mobile phone to other devices in 2020 and thus get help from abroad to be able to return to the future! He only has 60 minutes of battery life on his phone so you need to answer the call and help him escape!
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As a big fan of the science fiction mystery series Stranger Things, this room was of course a must! Back to the 80’s is the motto that is captured quite well in this scenario.

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