Lockdown Paphos: Space Station Online

By | January 7, 2021

by Lockdown Paphos (website)

Up to 8 players

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After a 60 year mission in the Delta Quadrant the Space Station was recently redeployed to the outer reaches of the Earth's galaxy.  En-route a catastrophic event occurred causing all the crew to evacuate.  Precise details of the event are classified.  At this current time the reactor onboard the space station has been deemed unstable.  The Space Station is now positioned close enough to planet Earth, to cause cataclysmic destruction to all life should the reactor explode. Your mission, as the on Earth ground control team, is to stabilise the onboard reactor via an Earth to space video link.  The agency will send one space engineer up to the station via transporter shuttle, who will be able to assist you in your mission.  Good luck.  The fate of the planet Earth depends on you. 
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Those using the new genres of remote play escape rooms to check off as many different countries as possible will have been happy to see Lockdown Paphos launch an avatar game, thereby adding Cyprus to their potential target list. They've been established as a physical venue for some time, and have now launched a remote play game; in Space Station you're guiding an engineer as he tries to find the station's reactor and stabilise it before it detonates catastrophically.
As many have pointed out, i...
We continuously emphasize on the importance of avatar's character play for remote escape rooms. If we're playing these games in person, we would be enjoying the tactile aspect of the game. Since we're unable to do so, we are solely relying on the avatar's actions to bring out what we can not feel. Matthew was a natural at this. He made the game really fun for us. Who knows when we'll be able to make it to Cyprus. But thanks to Lockdown Paphos, we can be entertained from the comfort of our homes!

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