Breakout Basel: Bâleteken

Breakout Basel: Bâleteken

By | June 27, 2021

by Breakout Basel (website)

Nauenstrasse 67, 4052 Basel

Canton of Basel-Stadt

2-6 players

Languages: EN, FR, DE

60 minutes

The Temple:  We have finally found the entrance infamous temple of the Bâleteken! Legend says that it hides a valuable treasure. Your team has been tasked with retrieving it it – do you accept the challenge?

The Research:  The journey is risky and mysterious. Can your team defy all dangers and riddles and recover the gold before the temple collapses?

The Adventure: An old and crumbling temple awaits you! Your task is to leave behind snakes, bridges and dangerous traps behind you to retrieve the long lost gold in the shape of figurines. Become Indy Jay, make the impossible possible and return before everything collapses!

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