Escape Copenhagen: Vikings

By | September 4, 2021

by Escape Copenhagen (website)

NΓΈrre Farimagsgade 7, kld, 1364 KΓΈbenhavn


4-8 players

Languages: EN, DA

60 minutes

You are a group of time travelers stranded in the year 966 AD. To return to the present, you need to acquire some magical crystals that can fuel your time machine.

You have heard that the Viking Chief, Erik the Red is hiding crystals like these in his fortress. He has been away on an expedition, but now he is on his way back and you can see the sails of his ships in the horisont. He is not fond of strangers, so you only have one hour to search his fortress.

Can you find the crystals and get away in time, before the vikings return?

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