Enigma Fellowship: Dinner Party

By | October 7, 2021

by Enigma Fellowship (website)

Languages: EN

πŸ“«subscription game
120 mins

Enrico Fabricci, a vintner has been missing for months. The disappearance happened at the same time as The Scattered Cards kidnappings. He was never found. The Fabricci ancestral estate, including the impressive Castello Di Dolcci in Italy, is embroiled in legal battles. Now, his heirs and the court appointed caretaker of their Castle in Tuscany have received mysterious invitations.

Can you find out what happened to Enrico and help save a legacy in peril?

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Enigma Fellowship promotes themselves as an environmentally friendly company which shows in this game. Nothing gets destroyed and the website provides you with a reset guide so you can put it back together and pass it on. They also have their β€œPuzzle Around the World”, which encourages you to pass the game on for others to experience and when 5 people receive it, you all will get a discount.

We were very impressed with what Enigma Fellowship could fit into this envelope for content, puzzles, and fun. The entire story was so detailed and well written to make us believe we were actually part of the investigation. The content seemed minimal at first but because of the care that Enigma Fellowship put into this game, we were absorbed into the whole experience and were on the edge of our seats up until the very end.

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