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By | March 21, 2020

by Enigmagram (website)

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When purchasing an Enigmagram you’ll be asked to create the message the recipient will see after it’s solved. You can upload a picture or video, add a YouTube link, and add written text. We’ll then send an envelope to the recipient. The envelope contains a letter that tells them someone they know has a message for them, but for it to be revealed they’ll first have to solve the puzzles within. Inside the envelope is also a pack of 11 puzzles. The answer to each puzzle is a digit. Together they make up an 11 digit passcode. The recipient can use this passcode to login to an online location where they’ll see your uploaded message.
If you want to hide a present in the house for them to find, then you can use the message page to give them a hint where to find it. For example your message could say ‘Look under the stairs’, or be a picture of the hiding place. The Enigmagram ends with your uploaded message, but you can always continue the fun by using your message to tell them where a present is hiden or for it to be another clue to the next step (but it’s in your hands from then on!).
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The thing is, I LOVE buying gifts for people that are experiences, like tickets or vouchers. Since Enigmagram’s series of puzzles ends with a link for your recipient to view a customised landing page with a message or image, you can use this as a cooler way to give a further gift. The “Inception” of the gift giving world as it were: A gift, within a gift.

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