FAQ and help

Are the reviews written by one blogger or user-submitted?

This site is run by me (Toby) and all the main reviews are written me or by one or more of our group of enthusiasts.

The ratings shown on the location pages, game pages etc. combine reviewer ratings with user-submitted player ratings, according to a complex formula.

Why is this game’s rating gray?

A gray rating image means the ratings were for the same game in a different location. Since different copies of the same game can vary quite a bit in quality, and sometimes in their content too, we show a gray rating to indicate that the rating may be less reliable than normal.

Why is there a login button in the sidebar?

The site now lets you log in and rate games.

Why should I bother rating games here when I can use Tripadvisor / Facebook / Google / etc.?

Tripadvisor ratings for escape games are notoriously unreliable, mainly because even bad escape games tend to get a large number of 5* reviews.

More importantly though, the site lets you create a list of games you’ve played, and record not only a rating but also (if you want) a brief review and details such as your team size, completion time, etc.

Having created a list of games, you can view and share a map of those games; hide the games you’ve already played from the main map of UK games; and so on.

…but what about all the games I’ve played that don’t have reviews here?

You can still provide ratings for games we haven’t reviewed. Log in and then go to the My Games tab and hit the Add Game button, and you should find it recognises any currently open UK game. Or you can find a game in the Rankings table and click its rating image to provide your own rating.

You can also add closed games and overseas games – go to My Games, press Add Game and then ‘add a game not in the list’.

I hate Facebook Login.

So do I. (Also, that’s not a question.) The Facebook Login button here is via a standard plug-in (this one) that just creates a WordPress account for you based on your FB name, and uses FB authentication to sign you in. We don’t gain access to any non-public FB information. If you prefer not to use it though, it’s easy enough to create a WordPress account manually.

I’ve played loads of games and it’s much too much hassle to add them all.

Try the Import option on the My Games tab. If you have a spreadsheet or other list of games you’ve played, you should be able to paste it in and import them all in one go. This is a little experimental – if you have problems with it, drop me a message on escapethereview@outlook.com.

I want to create a game list but I don’t want it to be public.

There’s a privacy setting on the My Games tab. ‘Protected’ will make your list visible only to other logged in users, and ‘Private’ will hide it from everyone except you (and site admin).

I rated a game but it says ‘few ratings’ – what’s going on?

When we only have one or two user-submitted ratings for a game, the ranking list shows that ‘few ratings’ image instead of the normal rating stars. That’s to make sure the ranking lists are as reliable as possible – otherwise one very enthusiastic / critical user rating could undeservedly send a game to the top or bottom of the list.

I own an escape game. Can I give it a rating?

Good etiquette would be to leave it to other people to give it the praise and high ratings it undoubtedly deserves. Please do contribute ratings & reviews for other games if you wish though, as long as you feel you can do so without bias from business concerns!