Information for owners

Hello! I hope you’re finding this site useful. Its purpose is to provide the best possible information to escape room players to help them find good games to play. For the escape room industry to continue growing and flourishing, it’s vital that players find high quality games, and discover the sheer variety of games on offer; and enthusiast review sites are an important resource to help with that.

U.K. venue and game details

I maintain a complete list of escape rooms in the U.K., with a separate details page for each venue and each game, as well as per-location maps. I try hard to keep these up to date, but if any details are incorrect on the details pages for your company, please drop me a message on and I’ll correct them as soon as I can.

Beta testing

I don’t normally do game design consulting or beta tests of unfinished games; in most cases I try not to play a game that’s just opened, since teething problems may give an unfairly negative impression of it. (Pop-up games are an exception, since with a short duration they don’t have the luxury of a settling in period.)

Game reviewing

For the vast majority of games I review, I book in normally without giving the company advance warning. That’s not intended to put anyone on the spot, but I find that approach lets me write more representative reviews.

I do occasionally accept invitations to play games, where time and travel permits, and if you want me to review your game then that’s a good way to make that happen sooner. Bear in mind though that while it might affect when I review it, it won’t affect how I review it, and I have a relatively harsh rating scale.

For marketing purposes, I recommend inviting bloggers and journalists who don’t normally play or write about escape rooms, particularly those with large audiences. Since they won’t be comparing your game to 500 other escape rooms they’re more likely to be blown away, plus it’ll help reach a wider audience. The people who read escape room blog sites will likely discover your game sooner or later anyway.

However, if you’re confident you’ve created something special that’s going to wow even seasoned escapers and want to get the word out, drop me a message and I’ll see if I can fit in a visit. 🙂

Player reviews

Site users can publish their own reviews of games on this site, and we welcome all honest opinions and ratings on games. But if your games have received ratings or reviews that appear actively malicious, or intended for a different game, or which contain spoilers, let me know and I’ll try to sort it out.

Feel free to encourage players to leave ratings / reviews for your games on this site, if you wish; though please don’t incentivise anything but honest feedback.