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By | March 20, 2019


Escape have branches in 19 locations. They offer 46 games, 4 of which are available at West London.

Games in West London by Escape London (Shepherds Bush)

117 Uxbridge Road, W12 8NL
Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5 Sub-Zerounder construction
Rated between 30 and 40 out of 5 The Magic Emporiumunder construction
Rated between 30 and 35 out of 5 221B Baker Streetunder construction

Most recent ratings & reviews

James Van Der Hoorn reviewed Area 51 by Escape London (Shepherds Bush):

Not as good as the other room, and one of the first I've played, but seem to remember it being pretty decent still.

Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
Dominic Elliott Smith reviewed by Escape London (Shepherds Bush):

There was one padlock which had not been reset which left us unable to progress before receiving two clues enabling us to work out that is what happened. The bigger complaint is that there is no sign posting between the many padlocks and the puzzles leaving you continually trying the code in 4 places at a time (or 5 had the other padlock been in place). Other rooms I have played with this problem simply add a mark of some form on each puzzle. It is also not clear which puzzles are in play which is another avoidable issue, eg with lighting. 

Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5

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