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By | March 20, 2019


Escape have branches in 19 locations. Their Blackpool branch is closed.

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300 Lytham Road, FY1 6EY
Rated between 30 and 35 out of 5 Takenclosed
Rated between 30 and 35 out of 5 Contagionclosed

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Scotus0 experienced reviewed Contagion by Escape Blackpool:

Lab Life

I’m sad to hear that Escape Blackpool is no longer open, as this was an impressive room.


You and your fellow scientists have contracted a virus that’s killing the world. Create a vaccine and escape the locked-down laboratory before it’s incinerated! A scenario that I now know is very, very common in the world of escape rooms, but this was my first time saving the world from a deadly disease.


This was a very tricky room! There were several clever features and quirky uses of apparatus that you’d expect/hope to see in a lab-themed escape.


Very white, very polished, very lab-like! The props provided appropriate touches: science utensils, reading material and gear. I love any room where outfits are given, and so the lab coats were appreciated.

Final Comments

We only received one hint from our Game Operator, and this was on how/where to use a particular tool. She clearly knew exactly what time(s) teams need a hint. It was a good room for a team of both beginners and more experienced players.

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

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