Escape Blackpool: Taken

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Blackpool (website)

300 Lytham Road, FY1 6EY


2-6 players

60 minutes

A rogue policeman, Brian Miller, has been obsessed for some time with finding John Doe's killer. In his eyes the evidence points to you and your friends!
One of your group will be Taken and locked away, leaving you with two tasks: rescue your friend AND escape the room. Although you are separated, the entire group will be able to work together to complete the challenge.
Officer Miller has been very clever in the way he has hidden clues around his somewhat dilapidated room with some impressive gadgets used along the way.
You will need to do some searching within the room as well as solving puzzles if you want to make your escape.
This room is no normal room – let’s just say it's lacking in some of the comforts of our other rooms - but it's just as much fun!
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The second game at Escape Ipswich (and also at various other branches of Escape around the country) has you investigating a serial killer, and inevitably you've found yourselves caught and in danger of becoming his next victims. Naturally this killer enjoys toying with his prisoners in the form of leaving them puzzles that they might be able to solve to escape.
Like the other game we played at the venue, there's not a great deal in the way of decor here. Forget dank basements, this serial kille...
Plenty of puzzles, a fair number of locks and good but very much IKEA-esque decoration. A perfectly reasonable game but with nothing to get very excited about.

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