Escape Stuttgart: Death – Live

Escape Stuttgart: Death - Live

By | August 11, 2020

by Escape Stuttgart (website)

Stuttgarter Str. 106, Fellbach, 70736


3-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

The future looks dark. We are in the year 2047. After the world economic crisis the totalitarian surveillance state has formed. Freedom, privacy and the rights of the human individual are no longer present. Even the smallest offences are punished mercilessly. As a result, prisons quickly overflowed. The death penalty was reintroduced.

In addition, a new reality TV show was created to distract underage citizens from the thought of rebellions. In this show, criminals sentenced to death have a unique chance to escape the death penalty and gain freedom. The show is a huge success and many millions of people regularly watch as the death candidates fight for their lives. May the games begin!
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Escape Stuttgart: Platz 1-3 und Tagessieger. Läuft! Auch wenn uns einer von vier Räumen nicht so toll gefallen hat, lohnt sich ein Besuch beim nach eigener Aussage größten Anbieter Deutschlands (flächenmäßig). Wenn man die großzügige Launch sieht, in der man übrigens auch Speisen kann, mag man das sofort glauben.

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