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By | March 20, 2019


Eskape Whitby is in Whitby and currently offers 2 games.

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St. Hilda's Business Centre, The Ropery, YO22 4ET

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Scotus0 experienced reviewed The Night Watchman by Eskape Whitby:

A Familial Escape!

This was my Dad and brother’s first escape experience: Eskape Whitby’s site says The Night Watchman is great for beginners, but I’ve definitely played easier rooms better suited to newbies.


As detectives, our assignment was to explore a warehouse to find out who (or what) was behind several disappearances. As Whitby is an uncanny place, it’s the perfect home for this macabre mystery.


Plentiful and thought-provoking, with some good head-scratchers. Clues were posted under the door whenever we were stuck: our host knew when they were needed!


A dark and dreary space, which complemented the story, as did the old, cobwebby props. I’d say it was too dark, as we often found it hard to read things and enter codes. Though meant to be a warehouse, it felt more like the hold of an abandoned ship.

Final Comments

Three was an ideal number for this room. We solved the last puzzle just as our Game Operator was on her way over, and so we clinched a 59:59 win!

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

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