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By | March 20, 2019


Locked In Games have branches in Leeds and York. They offer 8 games, 3 of which are available at York.

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Club Chambers, Museum Street, YO1 7DN

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Scotus0 experienced reviewed Caught In The Act by Locked In Games York:

Plight of the Thespians

Two of my favourite games have been provided by Locked In Leeds, and so I was very excited when they opened up a York branch!


You’re a group of actors locked in the dressing room, and the show is an hour from starting. Quirky? Yes. Believable? Not really…


Uncomplicated, with apt nods to musicals. I didn’t really get the irrelevant film references, though. The final puzzle, a practical challenge, was far too difficult. We were encouraged by our Game Operator to cheat, which made for a dissatisfying ending.


No where near as breath-taking as Leeds, sadly. This was just a room with wigs thrown in.

Final Comments

We had a laugh, but, from an experienced escapee’s point of view, this poor performance of a room deserves the hook.

Rated between 20 and 20 out of 5

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