Chichester Escape Rooms: Operation Sealion

By | March 20, 2019

by Chichester Escape Rooms (website)

Chichester Golf Club, Hunston Village, Hunston, PO20 1AX


3-6 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

It’s 1940, Hitler is plotting the invasion of Great Britain under the code name Operation Sealion. The French resistance claim to have gained valuable intel and have the information stored in an inconspicuous cafΓ© in Paris. As British Intelligence you must rendezvous in the store room and work quickly to recover the hidden documents. The enemy are on to you! You have 60 minutes to foil Hitler’s plans and escape.
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Located in the main clubhouse at Horton Park Golf Club, Epsom Escape's games are from the same enthusiast designer as Escape From The Room in Sutton, and now hosts that venue's Old Maid Milly game. Golf and escaping wouldn't have occurred to be as an obvious combination of leisure activities, but Horton Park seems pitched well to small family & friend groups which could make it a good fit.
Operation Sealion is set in WW2 France, where your mission is to retrieve key intelligence to prevent a Na...

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