The Great Escape Game Leeds: Submerged

By | March 20, 2019

by The Great Escape Game Leeds (website)

Atlas House, 31 King Street, LS1 2HL


3-9 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

2 copies

Sent on a rescue mission, you are submerged deep into unknown territory. No one has heard from the team in days. You find a vessel floating desolately in the ocean. You enter the unknown to find the surroundings eerily calm. You can’t find a single member of the team, not a person, not even a body. You begin to ask yourself;
What happened here?
Where is the team?
Suddenly, the doors air lock behind you, trapping you in deep water with only 50 minutes left in the oxygen reserve tank.
As lights flash and sirens soar, the intensity of your new surroundings become clear. You must work quickly to power up and communicate your emergency to the surface before your time runs out.
This room can either be played as a single team (3 – 8 players) or two teams can play against each other (6 – 18 players / 9 max per room).
Disclaimer: All players must be aged 14 or over.
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If you’re looking for a room that does something a bit different then this is the one, it forces you to rely on communication between each other and without it you will go down with the ship.

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