Exit: The Catacombs of Horror

By | April 27, 2019

by Exit (website)

60 minutes

Gloomy crypts lie under the city of Paris. The catacombs swallow city light, riddles, and, apparently, also people. After the mysterious disappearance of a friend in the catacombs, you and your team embark on a search party, making your way through the puzzling underground labyrinth. Will you be able to find your friend in time and escape this cavernous world of darkness? This double-sized EXIT game is presented in two separate parts.
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For those who enjoy lining up all their Exit games in a neat little line of matching boxes on the shelf, it will have come as bad news that Catacombs of Horror is a double-size game, packaged in an outsized box that completely fails to match the others. The trials of rampant OCD aside, an extended game caters well to the growing numbers of enthusiasts who are only too happy to spend several hours working through puzzles.
If you prefer your games in smaller chunks, I should point out that Cataco...

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