Scarlet Envelope: Newspaper: Introduction to Mysteries

By | July 4, 2020

by Scarlet Envelope (website)

πŸ“«subscription game
Something confusing was delivered to your mailbox. The items in an envelope seem to be from different times...and worlds! Slowly you realize that a mysterious Secret Society is watching you as you try to pass this unusual test. Will you accept a challenge?
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The Scarlet Envelope is a subscription based mystery game that'll be delivered to your mailbox every month. You'll receive 12 games in total with the 13th being the final game that'll connect everything together. There's even a prize at the end!

Newspaper: Introduction to the Mysteries is exactly what it says on the packet. It introduces you to the mysteries and therefore is a little bit β€˜special’ in comparison to the rest of the series. Each item in the pack represents a different world you’ll explore in another chapter.

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As an introductory chapter, this envelope focused more on developing intrigue for future stories than on telling a story of its own. It was quite successful at that, leaving me excited for the future storylines and to learn more about the aims and mission of this mysterious organization that has recruited me to solve the multitude of mysteries in the multiverse.

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