The Conundrum Box: Sleight of Hand

By | August 7, 2020

by The Conundrum Box (website)

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In the early 1920s there were a few major names in magic, Houdini, Kellar, Thurston, and Professor Conundrum. Tragically, the Professor perished during one of his most famous acts in 1922. Foreseeing his own demise, he left his widow with a set of instructions so that she may communicate with him in the spirit world a year after his passing. Now, Lady Conundrum is asking for your help to solve the Professor’s last great magical mystery so that she can once again speak with her departed love. Puzzle your way through a 1920s magician themed escape room in a box to unlock the final secrets of this master of sleight of hand!
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Although most of the story write up were fictional, certain characters in the game like Houdini, Kellar, and Thurston were actual famous magicians during the 1920s. The mixture of these factual information and the real magic performances really enhanced the narrative component of the game. We also enjoyed the utilization of the wand, magic related puzzle clues and the card deck. It was also nice to experience the various puzzle difficulty levels throughout the game. Some took us minutes and some we just had to use a hint. If you love magic and have a curious mind, this is the box for you. Who said this was going to be easy? I mean it was the last hidden secret by Professor Conundrum after all. 

On account of RECON, it had been a long while since we sat down and played a proper boxed escape game. The Conundrum Box’s Sleight of Hand was a lovely way to get back onto the old puzzling bicycle.

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