ClueQuest: Operation E.G.G.

By | March 27, 2021

by ClueQuest (website)


Languages: EN

90 mins
As any hard-boiled detective knows, it’s important to keep your sleuthing skills at the top of their game. Luckily, the egg-heads over at clueQuest HQ have developed this training course for all our agents. So scramble together a team and get ready to foil the villainous Professor Blacksheep as he attempts to poach our latest technological marvel - the Elastic Gateway Generator.
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Too much chocolate, or not enough, meant that we struggled with the puzzles in Operation E.G.G., but I could see other teams getting through it in no time at all. Likely fun for all the family, hide chapters around the house and make your team work for it!
This game was a lot of fun. It's probably our favorite one so far out of the clueQuest games we've played. The puzzles were straightforward and easy to follow yet very creative at the same time. The narrative was interesting and funny. It was simply EGGS-TRODINARY!

So… Many… Egg… Puns… And that’s no eggs-aggeration!
I’ll show myself out.

No, but seriously I was really impressed with Operation E.G.G.! It’s got everything you want in a light hearted Easter escape room game and, as usual, ClueQuest have hit the mark with their target audience.

Overall, clueQuest is an EGG-cellent blended paper and online escape challenge, certainly not short of puns! With personalisation, puns and puzzles, it creates for a cracking experience! We managed to crack the mission in just over 90 minutes with only 1 hint! 

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