Spybrain Escape: The Heart of the Mountain

Spybrain Escape: Das Herz des Berges

By | April 3, 2021

by Spybrain Escape (website)

Kartäuserwall 53, 50678

1-3 players

£13.00 €15.00

Languages: EN, DE

80 mins

In the third part, "The heart of the mountain", we are going to take a big trip to save lots of lives. Lots of new scenes and surprises make up a finale that no real escape room could offer!

Again, this game contains a great variety of puzzles and tasks for you and your team. We put great effort in making the puzzles thematic and tie them into the story, so you can immerse yourself into the story - if you like.

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I would not recommend playing this game with more than 2 players unless they change the structure of their online interface. This game would've been a lot more fun if individual players were able to search and click on items that would only reflect in their own portal. A main hub for inventory collected by the team would be great as well. I do have to compliment the narratives and the hand drawn artwork once again. The narratives were witty and humorous. The artwork was beautifully done. Hopefully the interface could become more user friendly to be able to accommodate larger group plays.

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