Enigma Rooms Wakefield: Uncle Artemis

By | April 11, 2021

by Enigma Rooms Wakefield (website)

8-10 Teall St, WF1 1PT

1-6 players


90 mins

The Turner family have always joked about Uncle Artemis and his eccentric ways.

A World traveller with a keen interest in relics from around the globe and a head full of steam, the family never understood him like you did.

News of his death has hit you hard, and while the rest of the family go about managing the estate, your only thoughts are with the single item he bequeathed to you, the key to his study.

That place was his sanctum, and where you most loved spending time with him. As a child it was full of wonder, as an adult the key you hold in your hand is the key to Uncle Artemis’ most intriguing secrets. 

With a heavy heart but a buzz in your soul, you unlock the door and step inside…

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We are big fans of the Enigma franchise and have played a lot of their games across a range of locations in the North of the UK. The Enigma Rooms seem to be run by people who are super enthusiastic about their rooms, often creating hand-built escape rooms which feel unique, fun and definitely challenging.

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