Played: 19 Jan 2022 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
family friendlyquite easy

As Danish vikings we were wondering what direction we should sail to next for our plunder. We need a sign from the Gods. 

Runes, mead, viking ships and a map of Denmark were among the themes of this room.
When we first entered the room, we were concerned about how empty it was - but there were plenty of puzzles along the way. The puzzles were not difficult (except the multi-layered "getting vikings on the ship") and there was a great flow of the room. Not many puzzles were solvable at once, so I probably wouldn't do this room with many people, but two was perfect for us. The ending was really cool - sound is an underrated component in many rooms. 

Nothing in the room required strength or mobility. We would recommend this room to beginners. Very lock-based, but not exclusively. This is on the easier side. 

Played: 15 Jan 2022 Team size: 2

EMIT agent - free the prisoner and finish his mission. 

Quite a big game. We counted around 8 "places/rooms". Only a few puzzles each place of course but still a big game. Collecting puzzles, anagrams (which we are not fans of) and some very nice mirror action is what stood out to us. Some props were used in several puzzles. We also chuckled of a few story items. 

This game had nice puzzles, but we were not fans of the format. When playing a telescape game before we have been very happy with the 360 degrees view of rooms and that just wasn't part of this game. Also - one of the main game features was that you had to type in the name of two things to combine them. It feels like a very dated interface. Design wise, it felt a bit stock-photory at times - which it probably is. Not really a problem, but not a big aesthetic experience either. The hint system could have used some better naming - you had to choose what puzzle you wanted a hint for, but we couldn't connect the puzzle to the name.

If you can get into things without a fancy interface, we would recommend this game. 

Played: 16 Jan 2022 Team size: 1 Outcome: Successful escape!

Of the Unlock board/card games I have played this probably had the best flow. I really liked a game mechanism for getting more time if you were observant. I often have the feeling that the puzzles are a bit "guess what I'm thinking" in Unlock! games and that also came into play here, but I understood the reasoning after I took the hints. Playing alone, I did not wait long to take hints and that probably helped me with the flow feeling in the game.

The theme was nice and I liked the ambience and design style of this game. 

Played: 13 Jan 2022 Outcome: Failed :-(

We simply gave up on this game towards the end. Did not feel like we had enough information and even looking at a walk-through did not help us see why the solution was, what it was. 

We like some of the unlock board games (star wars was nice), but this was not our cup of tea. Too many logic leaps. 

Team size: 2

Who knew you could do so much with a card game and an app... and in this case a very simple map. We loved how the map was used to explore and give the impression of many possible routes to the goal. 

While we did like part 2 of this trilogy more, we were also fans of this one. It is of course not the same as being in an escape room or even a 360 degrees online escape room, but it was a fun experience and we have put more Unlock! games on our wish list.

Team size: 2

A really nice game from Unlock! Star wars theme was nicely done.

This was our favorite of the three Star Wars Unlock! games. The app use really locked it in for us, but also the cute visuals on the cards. 

Team size: 2

This was our first unlock! game and we are hooked. 

When playing this we were still figuring out how to play, but we really liked the use of the app together with the card game. Nicely done. This was not the best game in the Star Wars Unlock trilogy, but not bad either. Our observation skills could have been better playing this. 

Team size: 2

Mission: Find the key to santas sleigh and some christmas ornaments.

A very lockbased online room with lots of things to do. A lot of seeking which is not our expertise, but we really liked this kind of room and the care that went into it. 

Good signposting and well-adjusted difficulty level. A well-done theme. Would be good for a family with children or at team with many inexperienced players. 

Team size: 1

Take the train and solve the murder.

I played this as  a test after playing this in another version first. I wasn't a fan of the original, but was happy to see the improvements made in this version. 

This is still not a 360 degrees experience, but the puzzles were fair and much better signposted and nicely limited after the changes made. 

I really liked one puzzle that was both in this and in the original: A stamp. I will not spoil it here. 

Played: 18 Dec 2021 Team size: 2
story-drivenfamily friendlyillogicalvery easy

Santa and the elves has disappeared. Can you find them and save christmas?

Nicely drawn images with click through puzzles. A bit of humour and some good easy puzzles. 

Our biggest regret was the navigation! Even though this was built on telescape, there were no 360 degree images and it wasn't clear when what your co-players did, also effected what you could see. With just two players we kept stepping on each others toes - closing down windows while the other player was trying to solve a puzzle - closing their view too. It was nearly impossible to solve a simple jigzaw because we kept getting hold of the same puzzle piece and dragging in different directions (when we rate this illogical - this is the part we mean).

Outside knowledge was needed. Quite easy, but that just meant that it actually didn't have any value - it is dangerous to assume that every culture would know these things AND if you knew, you didn't even feel clever. Would have been better to leave this part out. 

We really liked the puzzle in the toy factory - usually we don't like anagrams, but this was quite easy and still a bit clever in how it became visible. The reindeer puzzle didn't make sense to us. Too many ways to read the clues. Luckily the hint function worked. A few math based puzzles as well. Nothing difficult.

The humour was toilet based. The acting was nice. Great story to build a bit of holiday spirit.

Played: 2 Dec 2021 Team size: 2
family friendlymagical

Help Santa find his keys and save Christmas!

Online game, based on telescape - and a real room.

We really liked this room and though it is very traditionally lock-based, the inventive puzzles make up for it. The theme helped get us into the Christmas mood. Lots of seeking though and we are not good at that, but it felt really cozy to move around this environment. We don't have children on our team, but think they would enjoy this. 

Good difficulty level and good length. We really liked this room.

Played: 13 Nov 2021 Team size: 2
family friendlymagicalfunquite easy

Santa has gone on vacation and he has the keys to the magic sleigh. Can you find him or the keys before Christmas? Great storyline and we liked the non-traditional style of combining a beach bar style with Christmas. 

I have marked this as family friendly. This is of course if your children are old enough to not let the storyline of Santa not delivering presents upset them. Also there are pictures and mention of alcohol. 

We found that the game had a great flow, interesting puzzles (on the easier side) and great signposting (almost too great - we were never in doubt on where to go next). It is a well-guided game. 

We especially liked the sound based puzzle and reading a Christmas Wreath.

Great game with a lot of fun.

Played: 31 Oct 2021 Team size: 2
family friendlyquite easy

Christmas themed online family fun. 

While we flew through these rooms, we had fun while it lasted. The last prop was great, but then it all ended quite suddenly with a completely white screen. A goodbye message would have been good. The game was linear, but that was ok, since our team was small. 

Would be good to do with kids. 

Built on telescape the digitization of this real room worked well. 

Played: 30 Oct 2021 Team size: 2
value for moneystory-driven

Help find the Sword of Drakul and save the country from the dragons!

Completely digital but well made online escape room with reasonable puzzles. We were not big fans of the first room (chess-puzzles), but when the game progressed it got better. The second room had a nice decor and the audio puzzle was nice. Also a shield held a nice aha-puzzle. 

Collaboration made things a lot easier in room 3 but it wasn't needed. 

This telescape had a nice story/theme and it used the telescape platform well. 

Played: 23 Oct 2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!

Escaped just in time! 

This creepy room was our first remote avatar game. Played with telescape and zoom. 
Not much humor in this for us - maybe it depends on the host. We felt that a lot of the time was used on video/audio. 

We felt that everything went very slow but that is probably because we are used to be active participants in the telescape platform rather than having to direct one person to solve things. Not sure this format is good for us. Could be a culture thing. We both felt bad directing the avatar - we wanted to ask what he wanted to do :). 

We liked the drawer puzzle and chalkboards and really did not like the computer puzzle. It felt out of place. 

Played: 26 Oct 2021 Team size: 2

What a magical place! We were almost sorry to play this online - how cool it would have been to go through this space in real life. 

Lots of observation puzzles, mixed with ordering puzzles and spells. We really liked the "door bell" puzzle (easier when you collaborate) though we felt that it was a missed opportunity for a bit of humor. 
The rooms flowed well and we especially liked the use of audio feedback. Well done. Part of the magic of the room.

Built on telescape, but no need for text input. You could move things around yourself and things showed up where they should be used. 

Played: 22/10/2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!

I'm still shaking from this scary room. 

Actors, disappearing lights, loud sounds and a scary story were the main ingredients in this physical room in Kolding. The whole hotel including the lobby is very well done and we were greeted by a man in costume. He later showed us their old piano, that could play by itself. 

The room (room 13) was haunted by the devil and it had quests you had to do to do related to this. Upturned crosses and lots of searching in a dimly lit room with lots of noise. We liked the feedback we got from each puzzle and there was only one traditional lock in the room (and since you didn't have to do all the tasks before moving on, we didn't even get to unlock that lock). 

You did have to crawl a bit, so not the best choice of room for us since one of us is challenged by these kind of things (crawling, jumping, climbing). 

We think this room can only be played in Danish. Intro video and all hints were in Danish. 

Played: 20 Oct 2021 Team size: 2 Time taken: 40
overpricedvery easy

Christmas - lots of decorations, cookies, christmas cards and gifts.
This online game was a bit underwhelming. Over quite quickly (and we didn't hurry) and not any impressive puzzles. The theme was well executed though. 

The game is played on a 360 degree view of the room with hotspots you can interact with. The interaction mainly consists of you writing in a text field what you wanted to combine. 

Built on telescape but only one room. 

Played: 18/10/2021 Team size: 2 Time taken: 51 min Outcome: Successful escape!

At first the lack of traditional locks challenged us, but then we got the hang of it. The theme of "Old lady forgot something in her apartment" wasn't as engaging at first, but the really nice flow of the room and hightech solutions that seemed like magic won us over. 

Everything was really nicely signposted and while it did feel a bit linear, we appreciated the surprises along the way. 

This is their most difficult room, we were told, and I can imagine that is true. We had good use of a few clues along the way (another searching fail - as always). We did say - "Oh, that makes sense", so it was us and not the puzzles. 

No crawling on the floor, jumping or climbing needed. The room was on the first floor and had a big step at some point, but other than that pretty friendly even to me who is a bit mobility challenged (bad knees and hips).

Our favorite puzzle was an advanced jigsaw with a bit of spice, but the old fashioned phone, the chess and the bingo puzzles were also good. The room also got off to a good start, but if we can't name the puzzle without saying too much. We were a bit afraid to do something wrong when we were handed a screwdriver. 

It is a room for all your senses except taste - please don't lick anything in these pandemic times.

Played: 10 Oct 2021 Team size: 2
value for money

Puzzles in space! 

A nicely put together traditional escape room with lots of locks and well-done puzzles. We felt there was a flow all the way through the game and while we might not have known why we did things, most of the time we knew what to do. Some puzzles looked tedious at first glance, but when we had to do them, they were easier than we thought. 

We really liked these puzzles with a Star Trek geeky spin. We didn't feel stuck once but did need a bit of help to connect two parts of a puzzle (clocks). It didn't feel obvious to us, so a bit of signposting might have helped. The hint system worked well though. 

A solid game. 

The game is built on Telescape - early version with text field. Navigation was a bit tough for one player but the other player had no problems, so it might come down to the individual setup. 

Played: 2 Oct 2021 Team size: 2

Adventures in the snow with angry yetis.

Nice puzzles. Early telescape game, so most gameplay had you combine things by writing names in a text box. Not a real world room first.

We had problems with a map puzzle, because you had to be really precise in adding elements and it didn't register the part of the element that felt natural for us. We used hints to confirm that we were right in placement and then we knew we had to fiddle things to make it work. A bit frustrating. 

We really like a puzzle about footprints. 

In general the game had a nice flow and it was fun to combine a lot of things towards the end. 

Played: 12 Sep 2021 Team size: 2
value for money

Pirates with a supernatural twist!

A nice game with many rooms. Physical rooms with digital elements somewhat embedded. We weren't fans of the decor, but mostly happy with the puzzles. 

At some point there was a word riddle where you have to make a bit of a leap. That gave us trouble. Most people will probably not have a problem with this leap. 

The game was built on telescape with inventory and at some point you had to input two words in a text box, but most of the time you could interact with more naturally with the surroundings. 

Played: 26 Sep 2021 Team size: 2

You were kidnapped! Get out of the remote cabin, while your kidnappers are away to collect the ransom. 

I can find plenty of fault with this room, but then I wonder why I enjoyed it so much? We usually like hidden doors and inventive stuff that is not just locks and this game was just one room and lots and lots of locks. This was just a good digitization and we really liked the flow of puzzles. So much to do! Built on telescape but no use of text input - just lots of locks.

Ordering puzzles, translatation, simple math, several step puzzles, audio clue, a riddle and lots of seeking. Lots of stuff to do and layers upon layers.

Solve, solve, solve and just once we needed a clue, because an image was too small for us to read. 

We really enjoyed this one. 

Played: 24/09 2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!

The year is 1921. Agnes was murdered at the Grand Hotel in room 13, while talking on the telephone. Your uncle has been convicted of the murder, but you know he is innocent. You have one hour to prove it, and you have broken into the crime scene to get it done.

We really liked this room. Built by enthusiasts. Translation, finger prints and lots of seeking (which we are so bad at and needed a hint for), some clever switcheroo with doors and lots of hidden compartments. We think they could have improved a few puzzles by using sound more frequently. When they did, it worked well.

This room could be done in English and in Danish (one language on one side of things and the other on the other side). There was no crawling or small spaces - no height differences within the room, but the room was located down some stairs and I'm not sure if they have an alternative entrance. Color was used in two puzzles.

We did have a small problem with one of the mechanical puzzles. It didn't spring open, but could be opened by hand when we were told what to open. 

Played: 14 Sep 2021 Team size: 2

Find the classified documents in the enemy bunker and get out without going past the guards. 

A traditional (pre)war-time themed escape room. Lots of escape room logic and locks that hid another key, but we didn't mind. Nice puzzles all in all. 

We played this on a Tuesday even though we bought it to play on a Sunday - there was a big delay in delivering the telescape game code. Well, "the best laid schemes..." - we adapted. Really liked how this room was digitized including 360 degrees images of the rooms. Felt like being there and then it didn't matter so much that the room did not have any bells and whistles. 

Though things showed up where they needed to be used there was also an instance of a whole keychain showing up and then you had to try your way through the keys. A nice change that wasn't too tedious. 

A nice game for a Tuesday evening. 

Played: 18 Sep 2021 Team size: 2
value for moneyspacious😨creepy

Zombies AND a bomb? Wow, you have to hurry to save yourself, the city and the world. 

Starting in an office but quickly spreading out to several other rooms, this escape room sends you on several missions. Most puzzles are quite traditional for escape rooms but there are also a few more mini-game-like when you interact with the zombies. 

You get written instructions for each mission, so make sure to read it. This seems like a room, where it would be easy to solve things in parallel and so the room is entertaining for more people at the same time. Not very linear. 

This is a real room (several rooms) digitized on the telescape platform. This was done well, though we are not fans of how the inventory was accessed in this game (as a phone visible on most screens). Nothing wrong with the tech - just a matter of taste on a design decision. We did struggle a bit with navigation for the first bit of the game (arrows), but we spent enough time to get used to it.

We like a small puzzle where collaboration is needed/makes things easier. 

Played: 24 Aug 2021 Team size: 2
Played: 29 Aug 2021 Team size: 2

When you get used to the dark scenes this is nice puzzles in a great package. The very flexible way of moving around was a bit distracting from the puzzles for us, but that is probably just because we are not used to it.

There was only one puzzle we didn't like because in our mind there was nothing pointing to the solution being the right one out of many possibilities. 

Other players are represented by an orb and it was useful to collaborate but you could solve it alone but that could become tedious.

We really liked a puzzle with a mirror and one with a shadow.

360 Escape: Crazy Doctor, (unknown location)
Played: 28 Aug 2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
Played: Sep 11 2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
story-drivenvery easy
We just flew through this one. Wish we had played it in real life as we would have liked to watch some specific game mechanic IRL. 

We love detective type stories and this one delivered. It is quite easy and is probably best for beginners, but we also had fun.

Part one was really what we came for - the plot twist in part two was not really our cup of tea storywise, but the puzzles were fine and not hard. You could probably say that this escape game is more focused on the story than the puzzles and that makes it very inclusive also for a younger demographic. 

Tech wise this is based on the telescape platform and it worked well all the way except for sounds, where some was very low in volume and some was very high in volume. Lots of videos used to create the story. 
Played: 25 Apr 2021 Team size: 2

Cool game in a beautiful setting. Personally I prefer games with a bit less ground to cover (more compact game area), but you couldn't argue with the historical setting and cool ruins. We loved the tour. Puzzles were nice but we would like to have seen the inventory being more visible and easy to access. 

Tech worked well - this is a game built on telescape. 

While I would recommend the other games by Online Escape Rooms Ireland first, this game also scratches the escape room itch.

Played: 23 Aug 2021 Team size: 2
Played: 22 Aug 2021 Team size: 2
illogicalquite difficult👻scary

The Alp is not jump scary, but uses really creepy situations and murder victims as case for math puzzles.

I studied math at university and still found the math part of the puzzles difficult to follow and some tedious.  That might just be me or a cultural difference...

For us the experience felt like it started out difficult, became tedious and a bit weird and then part 3 was fine. Actually easy in the end. 

None of puzzles stood out to us as better than the rest, but one was a bit off. It was to get a physical piece of paper and cut it. We didn't do that but solved in by thinking it through. 

The experience was built on telescape and the tech worked all the way through.

Played: 27 Aug 2021 Team size: 2
family friendlyvery easy

Quick and easy - perfect for our Friday evening. We had fun with the pattern matching, anagrams, clocks and tea party. 

Easy and colorful room perfect for a family hour... or a bit less. We did think it was over too quickly - more puzzles would have been great.

Tech wise it is based on telescape and worked well, though we thought the digital version had a weird twisted way of using the inventory. It was still easy enough to understand the meaning and it wasn't too distracting. 

Played: 22 Aug 2021 Team size: 2
family friendly
Played: 11 Apr 2021 Team size: 2
beautifulbroken tech

What a beautiful room! Well executed online game where the platform (telescape) was used in the best way possible.  No text boxes for "passwords" but one place to configure when you got to the right solution. All about one giant meta-puzzle. 

The storyline was your inheritance from your well-travelled puzzling uncle - find your way through the things from his travels. Loved the cabinet. A few of the puzzles were really hard for us - key and a silhouette so we might have brute forced those but other than that we were happy. Especially liked a puzzle about a family tree. That was subtle and fair. 

Almost at the end, the game broke for us. We had the right solution (as confirmed by the company when they had to interfere) and it just didn't work. We played this game quite near the release date, so maybe there was some last minute changes that wasn't configured correctly. After wasting 30 minutes trying different things to correct this, we reached out and the company had someone fix it and we could finally finish the game. We were refunded 50% of the game and we were happy about that since we had played 95% of the game without problems. We don't think any others will have this problem as it seems the company behind this is really on top of things. We were really happy with how they adressed this (never questioning that something was wrong). 

All in all we would recommend this game to others without hesitation. 

Played: 17/08/2021 Team size: 6 Time taken: 47 Outcome: Successful escape!

A real life 2WW bunker was the setting for this escape room - and the theme was of course the military. Mission: It is your first day as a soldier, go visit the nuclear missile bunker. After a few twists your mission is then to fire the missiles. 

Perfect location! We could open up the escape shaft and though we were not allowed to climb it, it was part of the game. This was beyond cool. 

This room is rated as the hardest room at the location and we did need two hints to get through it. For one of them, we don't think we would ever had thought of the solution even though it was clearly marked... but nobody noticed. Not that it wasn't a completely fair puzzle, far from it, it was probably the coolest puzzle in the room. 

Notice that there were a bit of reading in this room. Nice chunks but several of them.  The military instruction manual was a guide throughout the room. 
Few traditional locks but this room was so much more than that. 

While this is quite expensive, and we are not usually into wartime as a theme, we rank this quite high. At least it is in our top 3 after playing 50+ rooms. Lovely GM. 

Played: 12 Aug 2021 Team size: 2
family friendlyquite easy

Interesting (and big) space to explore. Unfortunately it was a bit light on puzzles. 

We really liked the 3D puzzle. One puzzle unleashed a horn of plenty of other puzzles but they had to be solved in a linear fashion and except from the big puzzle at the end, they were quick to run through. 

It all centered around a pdf of text telling us how to translate bits of puzzles. We love a translation puzzle but this was translation puzzle on translation puzzle and then another translation puzzle. 

We missed the 360 degree view you usually get with telescape games. This seems like a physical space we would like to have explored more.

All in all a fun time, but we would like to have seen more diversity of puzzles and more puzzles.

Played: 28 Feb 2021 Team size: 2
beautifulcleverquite difficult

They lure you in with a free game and soon you have played them all. We loved all the games from Enchambered from start to finish. 

It is all about communication. This is a two player game (or two team game) where each player sees different information. It is now up to you to piece together this information to puzzle solving while not cheating and looking at the other screen.

We were challenged going through this but the puzzles were fair. A very enjoyable time. 

Though there is nothing tying you and your partner into the same game, the game designers found a cool way of "sending" stuff from one player to the other. Very intriguing design. The inventory also worked well. 

The price was so fair, that we topped it up with a tip. 

All in all we were impressed. Loved the game. 

Played: 31 Jul 2021 Team size: 2
value for moneystory-drivenfamily friendly

This is like a 3 in 1 room. Color coding leads you through 3 different missions to save a family and catch the culprit.

The story is told through videos - some with better acting than others - and a sets of nice puzzles in between. The game flowed really well with lots of nice touches. We had several aha moments which made us laugh and celebrate. 

One translation puzzle looked really tedious and difficult at first, but we were impressed at how smooth the real solution was. 

We were surprised at how reasonably priced this experience was. Almost too cheap for what you got. We are on board with all the rooms Immersia wants to make in the future. 

This online edition of the room was made on the platform telescape. We really like this platform and it worked well all through our play. The platform has evolved since this room was made, but we still thought this was a nice digitization. 

We feel that we can recommend this room without reservations. Well done.

Played: 12 Aug 2021 Team size: 2
family friendlyoverpricedquite easy

We flew through this family friendly animal themed room. Solve, solve, solve. A very light-hearted theme and decor. 

This is a completely fine escape room with pretty easy puzzles where you mostly have to read numbers or count and then find the order. We liked the measuring puzzle though and could imagine how nice a "get a key out of a cage" puzzle could be in real life. 

We were giving a list of all the locks we had seen and then we could input passwords (digits or letters) in a text box and if it fit a lock, there was a sound and something got unlocked. This eliminated the need for signposting to find the correct lock, but also made us then look for where the change happened. It felt as a more old-fashioned use of the telescape platform than what we see most of the time.

We went through this quite quickly and did not feel the price was a good match for what it was.

Played: 6 Aug 2021 Team size: 2

Creepy but not jump scary, this room was just what we needed on a Friday evening after a long week. This room stands out to us - not for the puzzles which were pretty standard but for the story and how it was told. Creepy did also not rule out a bit of humour.

I wouldn't call the decor pretty but we did appreciate that this was not a room you shopped for in IKEA. The puzzles did not stand out as special, but what was special was the good signposting and ease of use. Also we liked that one puzzle did effect the 360 image of the room, so that you knew it was solved. 

In the beginning we had to get used to the many many videos that introduced the room to us, but it was worth it. Not only did we get a great introduction to the story, we felt very involved with the mission - almost too involved. A bit of sweat did appear on our forehead when we went over an hour. The production value of the videos was high - it was impressive.

If I should say anything against this room, we did not like the hint-system. It was audio only and while it fit the story, it did not help us. Probably because we are non-native English speakers we had a hard time understanding what was said in a short clip - sometimes we need a bit of context to appreciate the meaning or to see it in writing. 

Played: 31 Jul 2021 Team size: 2
story-drivenvery easy

We just flew through this one. Wish we had played it in real life as we would have liked to watch some specific game mechanic IRL. 

We love detective type stories and this one delivered. It is quite easy and is probably best for beginners, but we also had fun.

Part one was really what we came for - the plot twist in part two was not really our cup of tea storywise, but the puzzles were fine and not hard. You could probably say that this escape game is more focused on the story than the puzzles and that makes it very inclusive also for a younger demographic. 

Tech wise this is based on the telescape platform and it worked well all the way except for sounds, where some was very low in volume and some was very high in volume. Lots of videos used to create the story. 

Played: 26 Jul 2021 Team size: 2
family friendly

The carnival is open! Well, if you can solve the puzzles to get the ticket.

This is more of a quest than an escape room, but a fun one and with good puzzles. Lots of searching though - which we are not good at. Child friendly - and friendly in general with lots of bright colors and fun logic.

This game is really cheap and you get a lot for your money. We were impressed and surprised by some of the puzzles. Will look into other titles from same company. 

This is a digital only game - if you want to check out the format before playing you can try the free game Cookies by the same game designer. 

Played: 28 Jul 2021 Team size: 2
quite easy

Run from the modern day pirates and get to safety in the citadel. That was the mission. 

Lots of translation and a bit of counting to get code for different style locks. We really liked how the puzzle of messaging for help went and we liked that we got to steer the ship. Nice videos and ok signposting. Some puzzles could have used a bit more feedback - either visual or audio. We were not quite sure if we were through. 

The first time we tried the game, we ran into the (telescape?) bug that videos were black - they were playing and we could hear the sound, just no image. We messaged the company and after a short time it was decided that we got a new code and tried another day. All worked well with the new code. Great handling of the problem.

We did not find the decor or theme very engaging, but that is our taste. There could have been a bit more care taken in the digitization - but I'm sure that good 360 degrees images are not easy to get completely right. 

No doubt this was fun and could be good for escape room beginners.

Played: 24/07/2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!

A mass-murderer in Aarhus? Oh no! We were happy to chase him and find the needed evidence to lock him up.

This was a traditional lock-based room with no high-tech surprises. Quite big and surprised us with the amount of puzzles. Felt pretty linear. 

The end had a bit of a problem since we could find some of the solution twice - don't know if it was ghost from another way of solving the puzzle, but it felt a bit weird that we had fought for a clue that we already had. At least it is better to have a clue twice than not have it at all. 

Ups and downs - could have used a bit of humour to add to the story - there was taunting, but not in a fun way. Everything was nicely signposted and there was never too many similar locks visible at the same time.

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