Evasion: Interstellar

By | January 6, 2022

by Evasion (website)

Via Domenico Cucchiari, 15, 20155 Milano MI


3-6 players

Languages: EN, IT

75 mins

Year 3054 – Andromeda Galaxy
Resources became scarce, famine spread like wildfire, and rising temperatures caused severe damage to the Earth’s atmosphere, including oxygen depletion: an exhausted and worn-out planet could no longer support any life form.

With no possible escape route, a small group of scientists decided to seek asylum from the Commander of the Zeta dynasty of Grey aliens. Thus began the ‘Cooper’ rescue mission.

A team of a few survivors travels aboard the Spacecraft Endurance XX, time frozen: each crew member is hibernating in their own cryo-capsule in a semi-conscious state.

Although the Endurance is in a poor state of preservation, 80 years later it is time to return to Earth, but the journey is interrupted by severe collision damage to the engine compartment…

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The last provider of our Milan trip… Evasion. If you look at the website and want to play all five rooms at once, you might be surprised. Because only four rooms are listed here. How can that be?

The provider is following an exciting concept here: the “Interstellar” room is a hidden room. It was explained to us that it is only offered to “regular customers”. So you have to earn the right first and prove yourself “worthy”.

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