Every room at Hounds is an absolute winner. Incredible venue, the very best GMs, beautiful rooms full of fun and surprises. You must visit. This game is just excellent.

Pretty amazing for a free game. Well worth your time. Only thing letting it down is the outside knowledge required for some of it.


Possibly the cutest, most charming room I've ever played. 

5 stars isn't enough for this incredible boundary pushing game. Insane attention to detail, huge space, great story. Games like this are extraordinarily rare. Just wow.

Superb in every way. We loved it. A must play. 

Absolutely excellent. A real adventure. Beautiful theming, so many puzzles. Unmissable if in Wroclaw. 

Team size: 3 Time taken: 38
poor hosting

A decent enough game that looked pretty but I felt was let down by the GM constantly talking to us on the mic. "You'll need that later", "No need to apply force to that!" (We weren't) as well as coming in extremely quickly with hints for a couple of things where we had barely had any time to consider a solution. One of the physical puzzles I solved in 3 seconds - not sure if by chance. One hint came at the end at the same time we had realised what to do, and even though we still had 20 minutes remaining on the clock.  Maybe these shiny chain venues are so used to "normal" players that the default is to spoon-feed players. Either way, doesn't inspire us to try more Escape Hunt rooms.

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