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By | March 20, 2019


Escape Room Centre is in Blackpool and currently offers 7 games.

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44-46 Church Street, FY1 1HP

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Scotus0 experienced reviewed Secret Agent by Escape Room Centre:


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Investigate whether one of your fellow spies is a double agent working on behalf of Russia or not by exploring his flat before he returns. 


They were varied, but some didn't feel all that relevant to the story. Others felt very non-specific: these puzzles could appear in literally any other room. We somehow skipped the use of an item that later caused us confusion. Since some were difficult (including a totally random, tedious jigsaw) there were times we were at a complete loss. Rather than being offered a clue, we were left to be confused/frustrated/bored. Then, when a hint did come through, we were pretty much just given the answer.


Bland and unimaginative. If it was meant to be the flat of MI6's most senior agent, there should have been plenty of exciting features...

Final Comments

While I'm not saying players are entitled to hints whenever they want them, it's annoying when you're standing in front of the camera clearly asking for help but receiving no response. This gave me the impression that our game wasn't being watched. Our victory didn't feel well-deserved, and we all left feeling apathetic.

Rated between 20 and 20 out of 5
Scotus0 experienced reviewed Grimoire In The Attic by Escape Room Centre:

Gimme Back My Grimoire!

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Investigate a mansion and retrieve The Grimoire, an ancient book of spells, from thieves before they use it to summon evil spirits.


As part of our brief, we were advised that this room is very observational. This is absolutely spot on, so if there comes a time when you feel like you’ve searched everywhere…think again. Oddly, while there were many tricky puzzles to solve at first, this room got easier as we progressed. We still needed a handful of hints, though. One or two puzzles were very creative in their methods of solving them!


This game actually takes place in the building's attic, which adds to the immersion. Since it's fairly dark, be careful when handling things, as I injured myself (just a finger, but still). I was spooked, which is exactly how I should have been made to feel.

Final Comments

I'd recommend tackling it as a team of three or four. I love the collectible coins given out as prizes for escaping- a cool little gift
Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5

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