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By | March 20, 2019


No Exit Live Escape Game Rooms was in Bolton but currently has no open games.

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First Floor, 95-101 Bark Street, BL1 2AX

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Allie Abbott reviewed The Tomb of the Pharaoh by No Exit Live Escape Game Rooms:

This room was interesting, and we did enjoy the Egyptian theme, but the decor could do with a touch up. The wallpaper was hanging off the walls and other items in the room were clearly suffering from bad wear and tear. When we finished, the game master told us this is the room a lot of families with children do, which made sense as to why the decor may be a bit worse for wear. But the puzzles inside were great. My only major gripe with this escape room company is that you cannot book online for an escape room on the day (so today), and if you try to ring no one seems to ever answer the phone. I ended up having to Facebook message them to which i received a response about 2 hours later saying apologies but we dont have anything til 5pm. I couldn't help but think maybe they just decided not to open up til late as they had nothing booked in.

Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5

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