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By | March 20, 2019


The Escape Room is in Manchester and currently offers 4 games.

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1-7 Chapel Street, M3 7NJ

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Scotus0 experienced reviewed Room 13 by The Escape Room Manchester:

Pedestrian Puzzling

My second room as part of a double bill at The Escape Room (I tackled Slaughterhouse first). It should be noted that, on my visit, the venue was undergoing renovations.


Escape the haunted hotel before the spirits get you.


The introduction was frustratingly confusing: we needed a hint to be told where the game actually started. After this, the pair of us were on our way and escaped with plenty of time left on the clock. We did some banal counting, searching and decoding. Meh.


I appreciated the darkness aspect of this room, but, other than that, the scenery, props and ambience were tame. Only the corridor felt hotel-like. The 'flick a switch and a Game Operator will come to help' must be the worst hint system ever, as it totally took us out of the experience.

Final Comments

As I mentioned in my Slaughterhouse review, these rooms are not worth paying full price for. If another good Black Friday deal comes up, I'll return to do the other two rooms then! In the meantime, don't bother.

Rated between 15 and 15 out of 5
Scotus0 experienced reviewed Slaughter House by The Escape Room Manchester:


The Escape Room did a Black Friday deal, reducing the price from £20.00 to £13.00 per person. I booked Slaughterhouse and Room 13 back to back.


Escape a serial killer's lair by passing their series of tests. Been there, done that, got the blood-stained t-shirt.


The first puzzle had us stumped for a while, but then the rest were money for old rope. There wasn’t a huge variety of challenges: pretty much all of them involved finding a numerical code of some sort. That being said, there was one directional lock, but the equipment needed to solve it was very frayed which made life unnecessarily difficult. All of the UV writing/usable clues could have done with a new lick of paint, because a lot of them were old, faded, run-down and therefore hard to utilise.


Shoddy. There was a (literal) cupboard full of rubber limbs as well as unrealistic bodies that made me feel like I was in the dimly-lit horror section of a fancy dress shop. 

Final Comments

We got out with around a quarter of the time left and having used no clues. Don't pay £20.00 per person for this room. You'd be ripping yourself off.

Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5

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