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By | March 20, 2019


The Panic Room have branches in Gravesend and Harlow. They offer 39 games, 7 of which are available at Harlow.

Games in Harlow by The Panic Room Harlow

1-5 Harvey Centre Approach, CM20 1HF

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Matt C experienced reviewed The Panic Room by The Panic Room Harlow:
UFO Are Everywhere!!

Story - you're in a old mansion finding a dead body also you need find out the conspiracy theories secret and reveal it to public in 60 mins before the police show up

Theming - it's set in a old mansion so it look quite bland and empty which was a massive disappointment. There Weren't that many prop and theming so we can't just look around and appreciate the theming but we couldn't which suck. There is some good theming but very lacking

Puzzle - this room is not easy (especially we done 5 rooms in 1 day! So we was tired) as you have so much to do and it gets harder as you progress further which was the last puzzle that was the hardest (even harder with a team of 2) some unique but some extremely stressful puzzle (last puzzle) quite alot of padlock (I loved it).

Clue system - via TV

Positive -  some unique puzzle, the story was interesting and the intensity at the end was great.

Negative - theming wasnt great, some puzzle were stressful, one padlock was so sensitive, I cant remember if there was music and I hate the last puzzle. 

Overall experience - out of the 5 rooms I done in 1 day this was my  least favourite as it was too stressful and lacking of theming. I will still recommend it anyone who wants a challenge bring at least 4 players. 

Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5
Matt C experienced reviewed Carnevil by The Panic Room Harlow:
Spooky Carnival!!!

Story - there was 2 brother named percevil (bad guy) and Arnie (good guy) who was controlling a carnival. Since the good guy passed away percevil has been acting strange and carnival more strange you must release arnie spirit or you will stuck in the carnival forever!

Theming - best theming I had ever seen I genuinely felt like I was in a carnival which was incredible. There was alot of animatronic throughout the room which was creepy and amazing. As soon as I enter the room my mouth was wide open and said WOW!

Puzzle - the puzzle throughout our experience has been incredible I never had so much fun before since old father time! There was 2 puzzle that was either wasnt working or too difficult (last puzzle 🤫) there was a few padlock and alot of technology (fun edition)

Clue system - via speakers

Positive - theming was brilliant, puzzle was incredible and fun, love the story, love the music, animatronic was insane, love the smell in the room and the GM was superb

Negative - there was only 2 puzzle that was extremely stressful but we was tired as we done 5 rooms in 1 days!

Overall experience - this is my 2nd favourite room of all time everything about this room was incredible. This room is a must do! Bring at least a team of 5 as there Is alot to do and the room is big! Also there is flashing and smoke effect.

Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Matt C experienced reviewed Strike Force by The Panic Room Harlow:

Military love padlock right?

Story - general mayhem has gone nuts to the point where he activated the missile to blow up the base. You have 60 mins to deactivate the missile.

Theming - the theming was really good but it was lacking of prop around the room to make it look like a proper military base

Puzzle - I really enjoyed the puzzle in this room (it wasn't that difficult in my opinion) as they were related to the theming or the story which was a bonus. Some mixture of logical, physical and mental puzzle.

Clue system - via walkie talkie.

Positive - I love when puzzle are related to the theming/story to make it creative. The story was interesting and quite funny as it's quite random, it had alot of padlock (I love padlock so yay) and the music was quite intense and I love it!

Negative - there was a reset on a padlock which suck but oh well and lacking on props by a little bit.

Overall experience - strike force was fantastic and I recommend at least a team of 3 as it's mainly linear. Everything was amazing don't miss out!

Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
Matt C experienced reviewed CSI - The Mafia Murders by The Panic Room Harlow:

A really fun cluedo type escape room!

Story - there's been a shooting in a mafia club by 2 shooters (1 escaped and 1 dead) everyone in the club was dead. There was 11 possible suspect you have 60 mins to find out who is the 2 killers.

Theming - I quite like the theming as you're in a mafia club but it was a little bit empty to make it look like a proper club. It was every clean and I love the music.

Puzzle - to find out information about each victim/suspect are lock in evidence box with a padlock which will help you to find out what happen to that individual. They were some creative puzzles that I really enjoy.

Clue system - via walkie talkie 

Positive - I really enjoy the puzzle (they weren't that easy) some of most creative detective puzzle I've seen. The music/theming was great and the GM was in character which make our experiences alot better.

Negative - the information about each suspect was lacking, quite empty room and the audio was a little bit too quiet.

Overall experience - I really enjoyed this room, for some reason  we struggle during the first 20 mins once we knew what we was doing then we was finish puzzle faster. I highly recommend to give this room a go bring at least 4 players.

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Matt C experienced reviewed The Tomb by The Panic Room Harlow:


Story - you enter the tomb to find someone who been missing for a while you have 60 mins to get out or you will suffocate on sand (sound disgusting).

Theming - the game name says it all. If you hate sand then this room is not for you as there is alot of sand also it require to touch sand aswell. There was a few giant god prop but that's really it.

Puzzle - since it's an Egyptian room it's all about searching and looking for keys (every padlock require a key so look carefully. My main issue with this room is that not only that many puzzle don't stick out and it's very darkness making very hard to look around. There is one puzzle I really hate which require patient and luck both of them skills I suck at (I won't spoil the game).

Clue system - via Walkie Talkie.

Positive - the music was pretty good, our GM (Mitchell) was very nice and active making our experience alot more better and I like the story about this room.

Negative - the room is too dark, 1 puzzle which made me so frustrating as it requires luck, steadiness and patient, and most puzzle don't pop out so once you done 1 puzzle then you think now what?.

Overall experience - I really enjoy this room, if there was more theming, not dark and creative puzzle then I would love this room. I do recommend to bring at least 4 players if you're new to escape room for experienced players duo will work out.

Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5

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