Escape Peterborough: The Great Wine Cellar Swindle

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Peterborough (website)

Priestgate, PE1 1LF


2-6 players

60 minutes

It’s 1840 and you are a guest at one of Thomas Cooke’s famous banquets. As usual the wine is flowing, and Thomas is bragging about the rare treasures him and his family have acquired from around the globe. Except tonight he accidentally let slip the location of where they keep those treasures.
You have spiked his drink with a sedative, which knocks him out cold for 60 minutes! Enter the Wine Cellar, crack the puzzles to gain access to and steal the treasures before he wakes!
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Each of the three games Escape have built in the Peterborough Museum vaults uses the space in a different way, relating to the crypt's history: as a mortuary, as a Civil War hiding place, and most prosaically as a wine cellar. The game room in fact comes with racks of ancient bottles, and our gamemaster carefully briefed us as to which of these were off-limits museum pieces and which were game props. (The official distinction was the colour of the corks, but we could equally have told the differ...
This room won’t blow you away but we did have fun, just not as much as at their other location. The star of the show was the vault itself, the room was an acceptable way to spend 30 minutes

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