UK Escape Games: Molly O’Grady’s Murder Mystery

By | March 20, 2019

by UK Escape Games (website)

White Post, Farnsfield, NG22 8HX


2-8 players

60 minutes

currently unavailable
It’s a classic murder scene. The Killer will strike again in one hour. The clock is ticking…
Can you STOP THE KILLER becoming a serial murderer?!
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A review of the two games at the theme park. Both were pretty games but Robin Hood had the better physical puzzles but was wearing out while Molly O'Grady had way more puzzles although they felt a little more tropey.
This is potentially the most frustrated we have ever been in an escape room. Puzzles rarely led onto another without some leaps of logic and at times those leaps were so big they were almost impossible. The game itself isn’t difficult and could easily be completed by many groups if signposted better. Doing these simple things could make it a fairly decent game. At the moment it comes across as a game that creates more barriers than it unlocks. 

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