TimeTrap Escape Rooms: Station X

By | March 20, 2019

by TimeTrap Escape Rooms (website)

11 Friar Street, RG1 1DB​


2-5 players

60 minutes

2 copies

It is 1942 and you have been called to
Bletchley Train Station to help reveal
the spy operating undercover at Bletchley Park.
Solve the crime, uncover the spy
and retrieve the stolen decrypts…
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Time Trap’s wartime game is based around Bletchley counter-espionage. Set in a railway station, it gives you the job of identifying which of seven suspects is a spy. You have an additional bonus mission - apparently the spy has hidden several cylinders of coded information around the station, and you’re to find as many of these as you can.
All Time Trap’s games boast high quality sets. Station X is I think the most authentic-feeling of theirs so far, perhaps because it’s set in a more recent ti...
A room that immerses you in the 1940s from the moment you arrive right through to the end of the game. It's a beautiful experience with fun puzzles, interesting interactions, a little bit of humour and some bonus content to keep enthusiasts busy.
TimeTrap have created an excellent experience with clever puzzles, excellent set design, and a massive amount of fun. I’m only disappointed that it took us so long to make it to Reading; Station X is one not to miss!
We go back in time to a 1940's train station during World War 2 where we need to discover a spy.
Like a good wine, TimeTrap improves with age. This, their fourth escape game, demonstrates a provider that has built on success, learned from errors, dreamed up new ideas and concepts of how an escape room should work, and put on an extremely enjoyable experience. You should go. Yes, you.

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