London Escaped Ltd: Da Vinci

By | March 20, 2019

by London Escaped Ltd (website)

101 Commercial Road, E1 1RD

East London

2-10 players

60 minutes

You live in Milan Italy, in the year 1495. The name of the Master Leonardo Da Vinci is recognised all around the world. Hundreds of students follow him, hoping that the grand inventor will take them on as a student. There are so many enthusiastic followers who want to be at his side, Da Vinci decides the only way to narrow the field is to build a room specifically designed to select only the best candidates from these eager followers. Only the students capable of exiting this room in 60 minutes will be granted the distinction to learn from the master himself!
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Slightly apprehensive after a not-parfectly-smooth experience in their medieval torture room, we plunged straight into a second game at London Escaped. A brief introduction explained that we were students of Leonardo Da Vinci, attempting to prove our worth.
This is another dimly-lit room, though less so as it progresses. But it's also quite beautiful, thanks to the Renaissance aesthetic of cogwheels and astronomy, with liberal use of Da Vinci diagrams as decoration. The puzzle mechanics use a l...
A beautiful set and some interesting electronics and mechanisms helped but some poor GMing and lack of player feedback took the shine off this game.
We are in Milan, Italy (really Whitechapel, London) to prove to Leonardo Da Vinci that we are good enough to be his students.
A newcomer to the East London escape scene offers the opportunity to prove yourself as one of Leonardo Da Vinci's new apprentices. Did we come out with a Mona Lisa smile?

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