Escape Time Burton-upon-Trent: Sam’s Saloon

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Time Burton-upon-Trent (website)

First Floor, 83-86 High St, DE14 1LJ

Burton Upon Trent

2-6 players

60 minutes

The crooked sheriff is in town and he has planted a bomb in the local Saloon. You must disarm the bomb, recover the gold and escape the saloon before the sheriff return.
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The second game we played at Escape Time is also the second one created by the venue (at time of writing, they've just announced their upcoming third game), and has a Wild West theme. That's a style of game that seems curiously neglected by escape room designers, but which works very well, as Sam's Saloon demonstrates.
Whereas their Bank Heist game has multiple smaller areas, here the game takes place in a single large self-contained area, and it's refreshing to have such a big space to move ar...
Sam’s Saloon Bar has the most convincing looking fake pints I’ve yet seen in a room. Which made the disappointment all the more real when this turned out to be another bar-based game that’s actually entirely dry. I mean, obviously I get that no-one wants drunk people playing their, or indeed any potential for spillage, but one day I’d like a game that threw caution to the wind and allowed or even encouraged drinking…

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