Elusion Rooms: Seven Sins

By | March 20, 2019

by Elusion Rooms (website)

68 Commercial Road, SO15 1GD


2-8 players

60 minutes

Trapped and poisoned in the basement of a serial killer, you will have to confront each of the Seven Deadly Sins to escape.
But for all of you to survive you will need antidotes to the deadly poison coursing through your veins.
The only way you will get enough antidotes is by proving yourself worthy and completing some of the killers Trials of Sin.
Even if you manage to escape... how many of you will actually survive...
If you don't have enough antidotes... will you die to save another?
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No matter how much I firmly maintain that I don't much like horror games, escape rooms like Seven Sins come along and demonstrate that that's not really true. I could try to claim I liked it despite the horror theme, but that won't wash: the theme is an integral part of what makes Seven Sins work.
As is traditional, you're stuck in the gory basement of a serial killer and need to get out before your captor returns. While that's firmly in the mainstream for an escape room, Elusion seem to...
There’s an interesting divide in escape rooms about where the β€œgame” itself actually begins. At some locations, you’ll be greeted fully in character by the staff. At others, it’s not until the briefing begins. In others, it’s once you enter the room. Seven Sins is definitely the latter. We were being chained up by a vicious serial killer, but were left to attach our own cuffs to our wrists in reception! The nice thing about going on trips to play escape rooms, is that sometimes you end up in bondage cuffs at 10am in the morning before the first coffee has really kicked in. (Though top marks to Elusion for safely using leather and not metal cuffs, unlike some places.)

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