Breakout Live Swansea: Mumbles Bunker

By | March 20, 2019

by Breakout Live Swansea (website)

31 The Kingsway, SA1 5LE


2-6 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

There is a murderer on the loose, police are warning members of the public to stay vigilant. It is likely that the killer is keeping his victims captive in order to play a game with them. The victims are locked in a room and must escape within one hour or face being locked up for ever. Use your teams wit and resilience to uncover the killers identity, and escape.
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Overal, Mumbles Bunker is a stylish, classic escape room with some puzzles that I’d not seen before. It’s well-decorated and has enough to satisfy a team of five.

It’s a shame that the second half of the game lowered the overall energy and didn’t have a satisfying payoff.

A word of warning - as you enter the second part of the room, a loud klaxon will blast out without warning. This was enough to give one of our team a panic attack in the room. It's not part of the puzzle - the games masters said they do it 'for their own amusement', but weren't aware or concerned of the effect it had.

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