Escape Rooms: The Dark Side of the Moon

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Rooms (website)

Unit 2, 3 Lever Street, EC1V 3QU

Central London

3-7 players

60 minutes

In the 1960's both the USSR and the USA made groundbreaking discoveries on their famous lunar missions. The Americans were the first to step foot on the Moon and the Russians Luna 3 space probe captured and released the first photographs ever taken of the Moon.
However both the Soviet and US governments kept some dark secrets from their missions. Declassified images revealed human activity on the dark side of the moon - the wreckage of a secret Nazi base. Since this new information came to light our own lunar telescopes have monitored the site and shown no activity...... until now. A few days ago, at an abandoned radio station in Berlin, we intercepted a cipher message which was traced back to the secret moon base. It read only one word, "bereit" meaning "ready".
So today you, as our brightest agents, will ascend to the Moon. You need to find the enemy base and destroy what is left of it and anyone you find there. Our intelligence suggests an attack is imminent, you must complete your mission before time runs out.
Are you Ready?
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London, May 2017

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Your team is briefed - at the end of 1945, some Nazis set up a colony on the dark side of the moon. Yes, it's an "Iron Sky" themed escape room! Your government has intercepted a signal saying "Ready". You and your team must thwart their plans by bre... (more)

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