Chamber Challenge: The Lab

By | March 20, 2019

by Chamber Challenge (website)


2-7 players

60 minutes

You are in a race against time to uncover the structure of DNA in order to stop the evil plans of Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom is planning to use the knowledge of the genetic code to create a super human race that will control the world. You have 60 minutes to stop him.
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Squeezing in a short-notice visit to Chamber Challenge during a gap in our schedule, they kindly adjusted their schedule to allow us to play The Lab. The familiar-sounding theme turns out to have an unusual and gently educational premise that explores some of the history of the discovery of DNA.
That might come as a surprise to anyone who booked on the basis of the website's description of the room, where it tells you that you are "in a race against time to uncover the structure of DNA in order...
A review of the two games at Chamber Challenge in Brussels Belgium. Both were interesting rooms that were helped massively by a charismatic owner who knew a lot about the subject matter he used for the stories.

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