Let Me Out Brussels: Alice in Wonderland

By | March 20, 2019

by Let Me Out Brussels (website)


2-4 players

60 minutes

There is a door that allows you to go to wonderland, a magical place where everything seems to be possible. Meet a giant caterpillar, a cat who plays jazz, play cricket with the queen and do everything you want, but don’t forget one rule: Get back in 60 minutes or the door will disappear and you will stay in Wonderland forever.
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Alice in Wonderland is not a particularly common theme, but the games I've seen based on it have tended to take full advantage of the excuse for gloriously madcap decorations. Let Me Out's version is particularly pretty, full of creative craziness and some clever distortions of perspective. The premise is that the Mad Hatter and Red Queen were unhappy with their depictions in Lewis Carroll's book, and are attempting to replace it with a version more flattering to them; your aim is to rescue the ...
A fun set of escape rooms. Prison Break was fairly standard but the space and Alice in Wonderland themes were much more enjoyable and well worth a visit.

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