Diorama: Deel 1. Het Boekanier Dossier

By | May 15, 2019

by Diorama (website)

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Het dossier van een oude vermissingszaak. In 1979 verdwijnt Abigail Boekanier op 19-jarige leeftijd. Alleen haar zus Helena gelooft dat ze nog leeft.
Een schat van oude kranten, plattegronden, handgeschreven notities en meer. Het Boekanier Dossier is een uniek mysterie met prachtig, niet van echt te onderscheiden materiaal.
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I don’t normally review games that are pending a crowd funding campaign, but I’m making an exception here for two reasons. Firstly, this game has already been available for some time in Dutch - the Kickstarter is for the new version, upgraded and translated. And secondly, it’s such an impressive game it deserves all the publicity it can get.
It opens with a familiar premise: an old case of a girl gone missing, with a collection of documents that may just hold the secret of what happened. Even b...
It’s been a while since we’ve played a boxed escape game that truly wowed us, but The Vandermist Dossier did just that! Everything from the materials, to the story, and of course, the puzzles, had us thoroughly delighted as we followed Abigail’s clues to track down her whereabouts.
Although everything in this game is fictional, the creator really made the game feel realistic. In the interview below, I had to ask the creator how much of it was real because the TV ads, yellow page listings, and even the town itself felt like they could have all existed during that time period. As a fan of detective games, I loved the suspense and mystery this game was able to offer to us. It felt more like a movie that we're creating with our minds rather than a tabletop game . I can't wait to see how this will continue to develop as a I'm definitely seeing a sequel is in the planning for the near future!

No detail is spared and everything in the box felt genuine and handmade. What follows is a deep dive into the 1970s tracking down the movements of the young girl as she uncovered secrets of her own family intertwined with the fate of the town. It’s hard not to give anything away, but this game will take you into the heart of the Cold War with some surprising twists of fate.

We both thoroughly enjoyed The Vandermist Dossier. From the moment we opened up the box to submitting our final answer (and damn, the reveal of that final answer is so satisfying!), we had a blast. The game is well put-together with innovative components and a gripping narrative.

I’d recommend this to puzzle solvers who like a good balance of story and puzzles, and who like to get involved with physical components. Fans of The Hincks series should get a kick out of the puzzles too (though the tone is more serious).

The marriage of narrative writing and puzzle design here are exceptional, leading to a fantastic, holistically-realized at-home experience.

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