Adventure Rooms Guernsey: Lost

By | February 28, 2020

by Adventure Rooms Guernsey (website)

The Fermain Valley Hotel, Fermain Lane, St Peter Port, GY1 1ZZ


4-7 players

60 minutes

2 copies

When the players wake up, they don’t know why they are in a plane, which has just crashed. Where are they? What do they need to do to escape? They cannot remember what has just happened?
Their memory comes back and they remember suddenly that they had found a map in their grandmother’s house, which may be a treasure map. Will this be the key to getting off the island? They are now lost and have one hour to find the treasure and get out!
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smudgepuss rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 14 Jul 2022 Team size: 4 Time taken: 55 minutes something - first attempt Outcome: Successful escape!
family friendly

We really enjoyed this room!  The story is that you're in a crashed plane, and need to escape to safety, working through a number of rooms to do so (they tell you how many at the start, but I won't add that to the review).  We found the rooms to be realistically-themed for each room's location.  That said, the 'crashed plane' aspect is more 'landed somewhere unexpected with just a broken cockpit window' so there's no gore or significant plane damage if you wanted to avoid anything with a significantly crashed plane.  However, we didn't really feel like the rooms as a whole really fit the story of trying to escape from a crashed plane to safety as at one point we were in a location that was clearly safe and populated and the game takes you into less safe places! 

There was a good mix of puzzles and styles, and some fun interactive elements.

We did find the final room quite busy and had quite a lot of things going on at once, and possibly would have benefitted from a wider variety of lock types or more obvious hint item to locked item links, so it felt less like brute-forcing.  There was also one puzzle that made an incorrect/atypical use of a hint item, without there being any way of knowing that the combination you get by using it the normal way is nearly-but-not-quite-right.  It didn't take too long to think to try the other option, but you could also easily assume that what you were trying was totally wrong and look for a different approach.

We did think that there had been a lot of content in one game; we all felt like we were making fast progress through the room, but we still only had 4 minutes something left when we escaped.  In the post-game discussion with our host it turns out that the room is designed such that a team that doesn't escape could return and make more progress another time.  This I guess makes sense given that it's the only room escape place on the island, but something to be aware of if you're a holiday visitor.  Our team's relatively experienced, so I'd say we would normally expect to escape a room, and in about 45 minutes with at most one or two hints, so if your team's at a more 'it'll be close to see if we escape' pace it's possible you won't even see everything.

Easy to reach by several bus routes.

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