Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwoods

By | March 21, 2020

by Escape Tales (website)

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450+ mins
Your name is Gilbert, and you have spent your whole life in a small town, its walls surrounded by unsettling, aggressive and dark wilderness. The woods outside the home are Wyrmvines, hybrids of plants and animals fused into a deadly abomination by a long forgotten, blasphemous sorcery.
The town is safe for now, yet, you find little joy here, as you are no more than a drifter, a man with no family, no home and no place in the world. All you have is what happiness you share with Sevillia – the only person in this misty town that sees you as more than yet another homeless wretch.
Yet, powers you know little about plot to claim the smallest measure of comfort which destiny has not yet taken away from you. For what lies beyond the town walls calls upon you and tugs at the strings of your fate in ways both subtle and irresistible. The time of gruelling trials draws near. Be ready.
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Escape Tales don't do things by halves. Children of Wyrmwoods, the third game in the series, doubles down on the style of the earlier games in pretty much every way - even more story! even longer game time! even more possible endings! For fans of the series, this should be excellent news. For those who found it a bit laborious to wade through all the story text and the many many cards, be warned that it also doubles down on complexity and on the amount there is to read.
As before, you have loca...

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