Exit The Room Online: Voodoo School

By | May 8, 2020

by Exit The Room Online (website)

2-6 players

Β£100.00 €119.00

Languages: EN, DE

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We transport you back to school and your childhood. You'll finally learn what use to make with all that knowledge you've learned during boring days at school. We take you back to your classroom and only your creativity will help you to get out again. Use all the teachers' and students' tricks that you've learned back in the old days. School did have a purpose, even if it was just to prepare you for the escape room.
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It looks like our avatar Lisa really needs our help with her school work. She has 9 subjects that she needs to pass in 60 minutes or else she'll be stuck in this school forever! Now that's scary...

Exit The Room Linz is the second of the two Escape Room Companies we have in our home town Linz, Austria. The first one we have already reviewed (Check out our Review of Masters of Escape in Linz >>), now it is time to share the experiences we had in Exit The Room Linz. They just opened […]

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