Don’t Get Locked In: The Vault

By | July 4, 2020

by Don't Get Locked In (website)

23-27 AllHallows, MK40 1LN


2-6 players

60 minutes

During the security upgrade of the infamous Penitentiary in San Francisco Bay a secret high speed monorail was installed deep under the sea and a secret underground vault was created by Premier Protection, a world renowned security firm.
It was thought that the prison being on an island and once again having the most advanced security ever seen, would be the perfect place to build the world's most impenetrable Vault. It quickly became the go to place for the super rich to safely and securely store their valuables.
Clients boarded the monorail at a disused pier in the San Francisco harbour, from there they were blindfolded for the high speed 5 minute journey to the vault, location unknown. Only 1 group of up to 6 people could visit at any one time. Once in the Vault customers were given 1 hour of privacy with their valuables before being asked to leave.
During a recent robbery of a very expensive house you and your accomplices find a strange key which you all agree unlocks a safety deposit box, but after multiple attempts to figure out which bank the key belongs to you decide there can only be one option left. You make the call giving the name of the victim and arrange an appointment this afternoon. Not content with stealing the contents of the victims security box you decide that you and your friends can pull off the most outrageous bank heist in history.
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