Enigma Emporium: Trial By Cipher

By | July 4, 2020

by Enigma Emporium (website)

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The Infiniti Institutes is an institution like no other. They are dedicated to discovering truth wherever it may be hidden and preserving it for all to experience. Their methods are, however, far from the stodgy academics one might imagine. With field agents across the globe infiltrating every nook and cranny of the world, data is constantly incoming. Of course, it’s largely encoded, so The Institutes department of cryptography is its largest and most-funded, seeking out the best and brightest every year to join its ranks. Trial By Cipher is your entrance exam. Do you have what it takes to join The Institutes and assist with the Great Understanding?
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I really like Enigma Emporium. From the moment that they entered the scene, I found myself taken by the amount of content that they crammed into a few postcards. I’ve also truly respected their sustainable business model. I think what they do makes sense.

The puzzles are fairly diverse, reasonably challenging, and highly entertaining. There are lots of clever ways of hiding information on a small piece of cardboard.

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