Trapp’d Corby: Cartel

By | July 11, 2020

by Trapp'd Corby (website)

6 Priors Haw Road, NN17 5PH


2-6 players

60 minutes

Breaking out of your cell was only the first step in the arduous journey to freedom. In this maximum-security prison your hopes of escaping rest heavily on the contacts you’ve made, and rumours of a breakout already planned by legendary Cartel boss Miguel Lopez.
The kingpin of the prison it has become his playground with not a guard nor warden free from being bribed off or threatened into compliance. He’s a man few are brave enough to cross, seeing all those below him as inferior. Spending 23 hours a day in his luxurious cell your window of opportunity is short, you must retrieve what you need before the bell signalling lunchtime is over strikes.
A man this feared and dangerous knows allies are only a weakness and will not divulge his secrets to anyone. You must take your shot at fleeing Maine State Prison by infiltrating the King’s contacts and doing whatever is necessary to secure the tools for your escape.
All too aware of the number of people who have tried, failed and disappeared you’ve reached the point of no return. Freedom is within your grasp but to reach it you must act carefully, for capture by the guards or Lopez himself will surely result in your execution.

Do you value your freedom enough to risk it all?
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