Control The Escape: Astronomical Oxygen Disaster

By | July 14, 2020

by Control The Escape (website)


After orbiting space for three months, you and your team of astronauts have found yourselves in a tricky situation โ€“ oxygen supplies are rapidly depleting!
Somewhat fortunately, you are aware of a back up supply held elsewhere on the spaceship. Find the oxygen tanks and make sure itโ€™s quick!
Navigate through the corridors of the space ship using the master control panel to guide you.This online escape room is Control The Escapeโ€™s easiest challenge so far, but still not to be taken light - hearted.
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With a very simple interface and introduction, Astronomical Oxygen Disaster wastes no time before putting you in the driving seat of a space station orbiting Earth. In a massively overlooked mistake, your vessel is about to run out of oxygen and itโ€™s up to you to find the backup tanks and activate them. Whilst not technically on a timer, you must still complete the task as quickly as you can. Your crewโ€™s livesโ€™ are at stake here!

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