Enigmatology: Family Secrets

By | July 31, 2020

by Enigmatology (website)

19 Yarm Road

What a strange day!
Opening the post today amongst the bank statements and take away menus I found property particulars for a rather run down looking mansion house. I hadn’t requested them and it really doesn’t look like the sort of place I could afford anyway. I was just about to recycle the pointless pamphlet when the phone rang. On the line was a rather flustered estate agent informing me I have been named as a beneficiary in the will of a distant family relative.
It turns out my deceased relative was a George Bracknall and was known as a bit of an eccentric recluse, who it appears had died under mysterious circumstances. The agent on the phone didn’t know the exact details of what had happened but informed me that George had hinted in his will of a great family secret contained within the old house. He had apparently scoured the family tree looking for descendants who met a certain unknown criteria, before naming them as potential beneficiaries. The sole condition it seems is that in order to inherit the mansion, the new owner would need to complete a series of puzzles before the rest of the potential beneficiaries. The estate agent ended the call by telling me the only other stipulation was that the puzzles had to be solved on this particular day, if not, George had a clause in the will that would pass the house on to developers who would demolish it to make way for an apartment complex.
Putting the phone down after the strange conversation, confusion gave way to intrigue, what would it be like to own an old manor house and what was the great secret contained with it’s walls. I gathered my coat and clutching the sales particulars made my way to Tanchion Manor.
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